CD44 expression in human meningiomas: an immunohistochemical analysis

Iwona Lewy-Trenda, Aleksandra Omulecka, Janusz Janczukowicz, Wielisław Papierz
2004 Polish Journal of Pathology  
CD44 molecules play an important role in cell adhesion, interaction between cells and extracellular matrix and cellular invasive growth potential. The aim of the study was to evaluate CD44 expression in atypical and benign meningiomas. The tumor specimens were obtained from 61 patients (27 males and 34 females; aged 19 - 78). The analysed material included 10 atypical meningiomas (G2), and following subtypes of benign meningiomas (G1): 21 transitional, 17 meningothelial and 13 fibroplastic.
more » ... 3 fibroplastic. Paraffin tissue sections were immunostained using CD44 antibody (DAKO). The expression of CD44 was multifocal and diffuse. The strong expression was observed in atypical meningiomas, no expression in fibroplastic meningiomas and moderate expression in the other subtypes of benign meningiomas. Statistically significant differences were revealed between the expression of CD44 in G2 and G1 tumors. The results of the study support the thesis on the role of mutated CD44 molecule in the invasive growth potential of neoplastic cells.
pmid:15195704 fatcat:f3ncjur6jnhaldnwv6gr5xeu74