Description of a new species of Forcipomyia (Euprojoannisia) Brèthes, 1914 (Diptera: Ceratopogonidae) and a key to Chinese species of the subgenus

Xiao-Jing Han, Xiao-Fei Li, Qiong-Qiong Chang, Xiao-Hui Hou
2019 Entomologica Fennica  
Forcipomyia (Euprojoannisia) coronacella Han et Hou sp. n. (Diptera: Ceratopogonidae) is described and illustrated based on male specimens from China. The new species is compared with the similar congeners, F. (Euprojoannisia) palustris (Meigen, 1804) and F. (Euprojoannisia) mucronis Liu et Yu, 2001. We provide separate keys for identification of the males and females of the species of the subgenus F. (Euprojoannisia) Brèthes in China.
doi:10.33338/ef.84680 fatcat:v7z5ih67krbhzopgi6ounoziji