Design and Analysis of a Novel Synthetic Slot Dual-PM Machine

Xinhua Guo, Qiuxue Wang, Rongyan Shang, Fenyu Chen, Weinong Fu, Wei Hua
2019 IEEE Access  
We propose a novel synthetic slot dual-permanent-magnet (SSDPM) machine with high-torque density for direct drive in-wheel electric vehicles that employ two sets of permanent-magnet (PM) motors. The SSDPM uses both PMs on the rotor and the stator slots, which can achieve flux modulation. The machine's operating principles, based on bidirectional flux modulating effects, need to be further developed. In SSDPM stator slots, PMs are located on the rabbet and on each side of a tooth. The PM is
more » ... tized in various ways and its arrangement is more flexible. A magnet-iron structure is used to provide the flux modulation and PM excitation concurrently. The optimal design adopts a combined method that uses a finite element method and a genetic algorithm. The performance of this hybrid method is analyzed by simulation. A prototype machine is manufactured and the experimental results verify the validity of the model structure and simulation results. INDEX TERMS Flux modulation, genetic algorithm (GA), magnet-iron structure, synthetic slot.
doi:10.1109/access.2019.2902460 fatcat:mkn3mu7xhfhjzmpyfxfjs53phy