Experimental Work on Cold Starting Emission of CI Engine using Engine Waste Heat Energy

2020 International Journal of Engineering and Advanced Technology  
In the present day, emission by internal combustion engines causes several problems like acid rain, depletion of ozone layer, and global warming for which it has become a prior concern. The hazards further increases during cold weather conditions. In this paper, emission analysis has been carried out using single cylinder, 4 stroke, direct injection and water cooled variable compression ratio diesel engine. A thermal energy storage device (TESD) containing phase changing material (PCM) has been
more » ... rial (PCM) has been designed and tested for storing the waste energy of cooling water from engine and reutilizing it for pre-heating. The working principle of TESD is based upon the principle of absorbing and rejecting heat during phase change of PCM material. The test condition is 15° C and 1 atm pressure at which, the experiments are carried out using TESD. A significant reduction in CO (23.72%), HC (2.03%) and smoke opacity (6.05%) after 900secs and an increase in engine temperature upto 61ºC after 840secs of engine running is observed.
doi:10.35940/ijeat.c6295.029320 fatcat:vv6yfr4t4ve3be2edwrvkwst5y