Does melatonin have a time-dependent effect on brain and gill ionic metabolism in a teleost, Anabas testudineus (Bloch)?

L Divya, A S Vijayasree, P Sreejith, R S Beyo, M Smita, O V Oommen
2006 Indian journal of experimental biology  
Exogenous administration of 0.20, 0.40 and 0.60 microg/g body weight melatonin over a 24 hr cycle caused an inhibition of Na+, K+ ATPase activity in both brain and gills of A. testudineus. However, Ca2+ ATPase activity in the brain was significantly inhibited by the highest dose, and that in the gill at all the doses of melatonin. Evening injection of melatonin had an inhibitory effect on both brain and gill Na+ K+ and Ca2+ ATPase activity. Melatonin treatment in the morning for 12 hrs did not
more » ... for 12 hrs did not have an effect on brain Na+, K+ ATPase, while Ca2+ ATPase was inhibited. Similar treatment stimulated Na+, K+ and Ca2+ ATPase activity in the gills. Sodium, potassium and calcium ions in the gill were significantly reduced in the evening treated group while no change was observed in the morning melatonin injected group. The results suggest that melatonin elicits a time-dependent effect on the enzymes and ionic content in the brain and gills of A. testudineus.
pmid:16924833 fatcat:x3awm36kevczlnym4nfdg5mhyi