Translation Techniques of Traditional Karonese Medical Text on Fractured Bone Setting

Herlina Surbakti, M.A, Prof. T. Silvana Sinar, Ph.D., Dr. Syahron Lubis, M.A., Dr. Muhizar Muchtar, M.S.
2015 US-China Foreign Language  
The majority of bone injuries in North Sumatra are treated by traditional bone setters. Documentation of traditional bone setting is rare, if existent at all. To preserve this knowledge, authentic written records of Karonese medical knowledge should be made available to Karonese and all Indonesian society. This study is entitled "Translation Techniques of Traditional Karonese Medical Text on Fractured Bone Setting". Qualitative research method was used to collect and analyze the data.
more » ... the data. Interviews were conducted with four bonesetters and two herbalists. From 188 data sources analyzed, 152 were decoded by applying single 44 couplets and 2 triplet techniques. The translation techniques from the Karonese language to English are literal (99), pure borrowing (62) , established equivalent (10) , calque (2), with a total of 183 = 71%. Also, target language emphasis data used are: addition (38), deletion (9), transposition (21), and adaptation (3) with total 71 = 29%. Therefore, the technique of translation using the most literal equivalent of the source language (71%) is not only feasible but also necessary so that the original Karonese medical terms can be faithfully preserved in the translation.
doi:10.17265/1539-8080/2015.12.006 fatcat:t26qgxew2vakhbr3cb3d6f5exi