The power-ownership as a remedy from the owner's power [post]

Pavel Simashenkov
2019 unpublished
The article analyzes the phenomenon of ownership in its legal, economic, political and philosophical perspectives. <b>Ownership is considered as an opportunity and as a guarantee of sustainable development</b>. Comparative context is used to identify the specificity of the bourgeois model of owners' power (social state) and the domestic concept of power-ownership (including socialist state). The author draws conclusions about ways to overcome the competition between the state and the market for
more » ... and the market for the human resource and proposes to explore the ideological provision of power-ownership in order to appreciate its progressive potential and predilection in relation to the liberal model of social development<br><br>
doi:10.31124/advance.10315454 fatcat:33ybnt7mkffa3i5bkhtt7nlzc4