A positron tomograph with 600 BGO crystals and 2.6 mm resolution

S.E. Derenzo, R.H. Huesman, J.L. Cahoon, A.B. Geyer, W.W. Moses, D.C. Uber, T.F. Vuletich, T.F. Budinger
1988 IEEE Transactions on Nuclear Science  
We describe the imaging performance of the Donner 600-Crystal Positron Tomograph, a single 60 cm diam ring of 3 mm wide bismuth germanate (BGO) crystals coupled individually to 14 mm phototubes. With a pulse height threshold of 200 keV and a slice thickness of 5 mm, the sensitivity is 7024 events/sec per µCi/ml in a 20 cm cylinder of water. The measured rates for 18 µCi/ml are 95,000 trues/sec plus 20,000 randoms/sec. A 0.3 mm diam 22 Na line source near the center of the tomograph has a
more » ... r point spread function (PSF) with a full-width at halfmaximum (fwhm) of 2.6 mm. At 5 cm from the center the PSF is elliptical with a fwhm of 2.7 mm tangential x 3.2 mm radial. At 10 cm the PSF has a fwhm of 2.8 mm tangential x 4.8 mm radial. Attenuation data are accumulated with a 20 mCi 68 Ge orbiting transmission source and 100 million coincident events are collected in 200 sec. *To be published in IEEE Trans Nucl Sci NS-35, 1988.
doi:10.1109/23.12807 fatcat:ldolx3li65corgwj2ryvz276d4