New findings of the genus Revalotrypa, the oldest bryozoan genus of Baltoscandia, in north-western Russia

Petr V. Fedorov, Anna V. Koromyslova
2019 Carnets de Géologie  
N Ne ew w f fi in nd di in ng gs s o of f t th he e g ge en nu us s R Re ev va al lo ot tr ry yp pa a, , t th he e o ol ld de es st t b br ry yo oz zo oa an n g ge en nu us s o of f B Ba al lt to os sc ca an nd di ia a, , i in n n no or rt th h--w we es st te er rn n R Ru us ss si ia a Abstract: New findings of esthonioporate bryozoans of the species Revalotrypa cf. inopinata, representing one of the oldest bryozoans of Baltoscandia, are described from an outcrop located in Leningrad Oblast'
more » ... eningrad Oblast' (north-western Russia). The colonies of this species are very small and were extracted from limestone-cemented nodules found in glauconitic sandstones of the lower part of the Joa Member (Paroistodus proteus conodont zone, lowermost Floian, Lower Ordovician) . Combined X-ray microtomography and the examination of traditional thin sections under a stereomicroscope and a light microscope were used to study the morphology of this species.
doi:10.4267/2042/70296 fatcat:yz3vqabtqbdgldo5sbuuiefwo4