Review on Techniques for Plant Leaf Classification and Recognition

Muhammad Azfar Firdaus Azlah, Lee Suan Chua, Fakhrul Razan Rahmad, Farah Izana Abdullah, Sharifah Rafidah Wan Alwi
2019 Computers  
Plant systematics can be classified and recognized based on their reproductive system (flowers) and leaf morphology. Neural networks is one of the most popular machine learning algorithms for plant leaf classification. The commonly used neutral networks are artificial neural network (ANN), probabilistic neural network (PNN), convolutional neural network (CNN), k-nearest neighbor (KNN) and support vector machine (SVM), even some studies used combined techniques for accuracy improvement. The
more » ... provement. The utilization of several varying preprocessing techniques, and characteristic parameters in feature extraction appeared to improve the performance of plant leaf classification. The findings of previous studies are critically compared in terms of their accuracy based on the applied neural network techniques. This paper aims to review and analyze the implementation and performance of various methodologies on plant classification. Each technique has its advantages and limitations in leaf pattern recognition. The quality of leaf images plays an important role, and therefore, a reliable source of leaf database must be used to establish the machine learning algorithm prior to leaf recognition and validation.
doi:10.3390/computers8040077 fatcat:kkoz3kn2djcapi2bzxsuro6bsq