Beiträge zur Religionswissenschaft

Shirley Jackson Case
1916 The American Journal of Theology  
317 the author describes briefly in a "Foreword" the task which confronts the student of this subject. This is followed by a statement of Mithra's career in Asia before the cult began to spread in the Roman Empire. The extent of its spread and the means by which this was effected are then described. Finally, its monuments, its mythology, its rites, and its doctrines are briefly treated. The whole is a very compact yet reliable exposition of this ancient faith. S . J. C. Beitriige zur
more » ... iige zur Religionswissenschaft. Herausgegeben von der religionswissenschaftlichen Gesellschaft in Stockholm. I. Jahrgang (1913-14), Heft 2. Stockholm: A. Bonnier; Leipzig: J. C. Hinrichs. M. 6. This is the second part of the first volume of a new periodical designed to give expression to Swedish scholarship in the general field of the history of religions. It promises to be an important publication, judging from the contents of this "Heft." Ignaz Goldziher contributes an article on catholic and particularistic tendencies within Islam; S. A. Fries, the general editor of the publication, writes on the temple of Yahweh outside of Palestine; and G. P. Wetter interprets the Johannine expression "I am the Light of the world." A review of recent Swedish literature and a chronicle of events of interest to scholars in this particular field are also included. The periodical is not to appear as a regular magazine but as the organ of the society under whose auspices it is published. Consequently the frequency of its appearance and the extent of its contents will be conditioned by the contributions which are from time to time found available for publication. This arrangement will naturally tend to insure the scientific character of the publication. S. J. C. PRACTICAL THEOLOGY WARD, HARRY F. Social Evangelism. New York: Missionary Education Movement, 1915. 145 pages. 50 cents. This is a valiant attempt to reconcile the individualistic and the socially minded followers of Jesus. The author deserves great credit, not only for his heroic grappling with the problem, but for unusual clarity of thought and statement. To substitute the "both and" "of the gospel" for the "either, or" of partisan dogma and thus to bring Christianity into full dynamic relation with the modern world--or even to try to do this--is surely a work of merit. A. H. AGAR, FREDERICK A. Church Finance. New York: Missionary Education Movement, 1915. io8 pages. 50 cents. In this volume the flabbiness of church membership in terms of attendance, support, and evangelization is quite shockingly exposed. The final chapter on proper methods of church finance has considerable merit, but notwithstanding these efficiency devices whichshould be adopted one feels depressed by the self-concern with which the evident invalidism of the church afflicts her. It will take more than interest in the church to save the church. A. H.
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