Furfural Oxidation on Gold Supported on MnO2: Influence of the Support Structure on the Catalytic Performances

Camila Palombo Ferraz, Anderson Gabriel Marques Da Silva, Thenner Silva Rodrigues, Pedro Henrique Cury Camargo, Sébastien Paul, Robert Wojcieszak
2018 Applied Sciences  
A series of catalysts consisting of gold nanoparticles supported on MnO2 presenting different morphologies were synthesized and tested in the base-free oxidation of furfural. Ultra-small Au particles (less than 3 nm) were deposited on low (commercial MnO2) and high (NF, nanoflowers and NW, nanowires MnO2) surface area supports. High activity was observed for Au/MnO2-NF material with very high selectivity to furoic acid. The X-ray photoelectron spectroscopy (XPS) study confirmed the presence of
more » ... significant amount of highly active Auδ+ species on the surface of the Au/MnO2-NF catalyst. These species seem to be responsible for the high activity in oxidation of furfural under mild conditions (air as oxidant, 110 °C).
doi:10.3390/app8081246 fatcat:itmet7kcgbdjfpefp2lgy4v5zm