A revision of New World Brontaea Kowarz (Diptera, Muscidae)

Claudio José Barros de Carvalho, Adrian Charles Pont
1997 Revista Brasileira de Zoologia  
Five species of Brolltoea Kowarz (=G)'lIl11odia Robineau-Desvoidy, preoce.) occur in the New World. B. humilis (Zetterstedt) has been introduced from Europe and is known from a few localities in eastern and Pacific coast Canada and USA. B. normata (Bigot) is an endemic Neotropical species. The other species, B. debilis (Williston), B. quadris/igma (Thomson) (=cili/era Malloch, syn.nov.) and B. delecta (Wulp) (=arcllata Stein) occur throughout warm and temperate areas of the Americas. They are
more » ... mericas. They are common !11th nics, and arc frequently collected in faeces-baited traps. Bran/aea is probably a polyphyletic genus. The species discussed here appear to be correctly placed in the subfami ly Mydaeinae. An identification key, descriptions, illustrations and geographic distribution are given for all five species.
doi:10.1590/s0101-81751997000300020 fatcat:t5ibfz5dnbei5nrn4oyen7kjlu