Taste sensations from uterine stimuli

Howard C. Warren
1919 Psychological bulletin  
done by setting r^ on CI to the runner. The slide is then very often in such a position that below r 2;! on C the answer can be read directly on D. If such is not the case the runner must be set to the end of the slide, r S 3 on €1 set to the runner and the answer read on D below the end of the slide. This gives the B of Kelley's tables and is to be subtracted from the A already written down and the answer taken to the nearest two decimal places. The signs are of concern only in the numerator
more » ... in the numerator of tlie fraction and their algebraic treatment is perfectly simple. As to the decimal point in B it is merely necessary to remember that B is approximately the product of r^ r;" and with a little practice one can locate the point directly from the setting of the slide. The writer has used the method and also Kelley's tables quite extensively and there is wry little difference either in the speed or the accuracy. In a typical group of io coefficients one method took 9 minutes and io seconds and the other 9 minutes and 20 seconds, with the same results in both cases. The slide rule does not appear noticeably more fatiguing than the use of the tables. The writer uses it frequently in checking over work done with the tables. One who does not have access to Kelley's monograph and who is skilled in the use of the slide rule need not be daunted by partial correlations.
doi:10.1037/h0070419 fatcat:75qraf2gafd67cy3khfotazr3a