Experimental and Numerical Study of an Automotive Component Produced with Innovative Ceramic Core in High Pressure Die Casting (HPDC)

Giovanna Cornacchia, Daniele Dioni, Michela Faccoli, Claudio Gislon, Luigi Solazzi, Andrea Panvini, Silvia Cecchel
2019 Metals  
Weight reduction and material substitution are increasing trends in the automotive industry. High pressure die casting (HPDC) is the conventional casting technology for the high volume production of light alloys; it has recently found wide application in the manufacturing of critical components, such as complex and thin geometry automotive parts. However, the major restriction of this affordable technology is the difficulty to design and realize hollow sections or components with undercuts. An
more » ... with undercuts. An innovative way to further increase the competitiveness of HPDC is to form complex undercut shaped parts through the use of new lost cores that are able endure the high pressures used in HPDC. This paper investigates the use of innovative ceramic lost cores in the production of a passenger car aluminum crossbeam by HPDC. Firstly, process and structural simulations were performed to improve the crossbeam design and check the technology features. The results led to the selection of the process parameters and the production of some prototypes that were finally characterized. These analyses demonstrate the feasibility of the production of hollow components by HPDC using ceramic cores.
doi:10.3390/met9020217 fatcat:pcyg5tflera4xcasces6gkvzsu