Simulation Study on the Effect of Grading Diagnosis and Treatment Based on System Dynamics Model in the Context of Medical Alliance——Taking Jiangsu Province as An Example [post]

2019 unpublished
Objective To study the core influencing factor of the implementation of Grading diagnosis and treatment system in the context of Jiangsu medical alliance. Methods By constructing the grading diagnosis and treatment system dynamics model under the background of medical alliance, the number of first-time treatments at the primary level was taken as the core evaluation index. By intervening on different targets, we would study the influence on the core evaluation index. Results The selected six
more » ... The selected six intervention targets had positive effects on graded diagnosis and treatment. Among them, the intervention of medical resource subsidence, the construction of information platform between medical alliances and the technical level of primary level had the greatest impact. Conclusion In order to better promote the development of the grading diagnosis and treatment system, we can focus on the construction of medical alliances: For example, implementing the sinking of high quality medical resources in the medical alliance to strengthen the discipline construction of primary level; breaking the information island in the medical alliance, and strengthening the construction of information platform; building and expanding the green channel for two-way referral, implementing the differentiation of medical insurance policies, and improving the mechanism of benefit sharing in the medical alliances to gradually realize the orderly rationalization of medical treatment.
doi:10.21203/rs.2.10840/v1 fatcat:gjlr4es2una45i4qm5tz667fla