Implant-based factor as possible risk for peri-implantitis

Daniela Leal ZANDIM-BARCELOS, Gabriel Garcia de CARVALHO, Vitor Marques SAPATA, Cristina Cunha VILLAR, Christoph HÄMMERLE, Giuseppe Alexandre ROMITO
2019 Brazilian Oral Research  
Peri-implantitis is currently a topic of major interest in implantology. Considered one of the main reasons of late implant failure, there is an emerged concern whether implant characteristics could trigger inflammatory lesion and loss of supporting bone. The purpose of this narrative review is to provide an evidence based overview on the influence of implant-based factors in the occurrence of peri-implantitis. A literature review was conducted addressing the following topics: implant surface
more » ... : implant surface topography; implant location; occlusal overload; time in function; prosthesis-associated factors (rehabilitation extension, excess of cement and implant-abutment connection); and metal particle release. Although existing data suggests that some implant-based factors may increase the risk of peri-implantitis, the evidence is still limited to consider them a true risk factor for peri-implantitis. In conclusion, further evidences are required to a better understanding of the influence of implant-based factors in the occurrence of peri-implantitis. Large population-based studies including concomitant analyses of implant-and patient-based factors are required to provide strong evidence of a possible association with peri-implantitis in a higher probability. The identification of these factors is essential for the establishment of strategies to prevent peri-implantitis.
doi:10.1590/1807-3107bor-2019.vol33.0067 fatcat:mra4ynkz2vaxjgnjkkwzltjk34