Algorithm of Impact Point Prediction for Intercepting Reentry Vehicles

Cheng-Yu Liu, Chiun-Chien Liu, Pan-Chio Tuan
2006 Defence Science Journal  
Intercepting reentry vehicles is difficult because these move nearly at hypersonic speeds that traditional interceptors cannot match. Counterparallel guidance law was developed for defending a high speed target that guides the interceptor to intercept the target at a 180° aspect angle. When applying the counterparallel guidance law, it is best to predict the impact point before launch. Estimation and prediction of a reentry vehicle path are the first steps in establishing the impact point
more » ... impact point prediction algorithm. Model validation is a major challenge within the overall trajectory estimation problem. The adaptive Kalman filter, consising of an extended Kalman filter and a recursive input estimator, accurately estimates reentry vehicle trajectory by means of an input estimator which processes the model validation problem. This investigation presents an algorithm of impact point prediction for a reentry vehicle and an interceptor at an optimal intercept altitude based on the adaptive Kalman filter. Numerical simulation using a set of data, generated from a complicated model, verifies the accuracy of the proposed algorithm. The algorithm also performs exceptionally well using a set of flight test data. The presented algorithm is effective in solving the intercept problems.
doi:10.14429/dsj.56.1877 fatcat:fhy55iceqnaujlgheopivpfwu4