058 The relationship of left atrial remodelling to atrial fibrillation burden in pacemaker population: Abstract 058 Table 1

C W Khoo, S Krishnamoorthy, G Dwivedi, A Blann, H S Lim, G Y H Lip
2012 Heart  
anonymous manner. Genomic DNA was extracted from these and telomere length measured by telomere PCR. Each telomere length was expressed as a ratio (telomere length: single copy gene). Telomerase activity was measured using Roche Telo TAAGGG ELISA kit. All samples were analysed in duplicate and investigators were semiblinded to arrhythmia history. Continuous data were compared using unpaired t test and categorical data by c 2 test. Logistic regression analysis was performed to determine if
more » ... re length/ telomerase activity independently predict the likelihood of a shock (fatal VA). A probability value of p<0.05 was defined as significant. Results There were no significant differences between the Shock (patients received appropriate shocks from ICD; n¼25) and Nonshock (patients received no shock; n¼48) groups in terms of baseline demographics as shown in Abstract 056 table 1. There was no significant difference in the age, sex and WCC adjusted telomere length between the Shock and Non-shock groups (p¼0.439). Expected age and WCC turnover related telomere attrition (p¼0.031 and 0.031) was observed. In contrast, telomerase activity was significantly higher in the Shock group thank in the Non-shock group (0.5682 vs 0.2105) and co-related to the incidence of shock (p¼0.01). This did not appear to be related to an acute response associated with VA.
doi:10.1136/heartjnl-2012-301877b.58 fatcat:2a3pf3z5l5guvo6dwjv3nsvlru