Design and implementation of autonomous software agents for intrusion detection [thesis]

Yanxin Wang
The Multi-Agent Intrusion Detection System (MAIDS) is an agent based distributed intrusion detection system. It uses Software Engineering method to automate the procedure of generating intrusion detection software agents. A Software Fault Tree (SFT) description of Intrusion is converted to Colored Petri Net (CPN) by an eXtensible Markup Language (XSL) converter, then the CPN is translated to software agents using a compiler. The MAIDS is efficient, robust, extensible, easy to use. This paper
more » ... use. This paper presents the design and implementation of our approach that automatically transforms the SFT specifying an intrusion into a CPN representing intrusion detection system. It also presents the design and implementation of the infrastructure of MAIDS that is Denial of Service (DoS) attack resistant.
doi:10.31274/rtd-20201118-317 fatcat:ai7oxkwdnvadrc6sozcvjjxeau