Recurrent Acute Otitis Media Could Be Related to the Pro-Inflammatory State That Causes an Incorrect Diet

Fernando M. Calatayud-Sáez, Blanca Calatayud, Ana Calatayud
2022 Sinusitis  
Acute Otitis Media (AOM) is the most commonly-occurring bacterial complication in childhood. After making certain corrections to the patients' dietary habits, which we found to be excessively high in animal-based and industrially-processed foods, we observed a significant reduction in recurrent colds and their bacterial complications. We promote an original way of treating these diseases, since until now the conventional treatment is based on pharmacological and surgical treatment. From our
more » ... t of view, the mucosa that covers the entire ENT area is in a pro-inflammatory and hyper-reactive state, as a consequence of the alterations produced by an inadequate diet. For us there is no difference in the nutritional treatment of the different mucous membranes that cover the ENT area. The purpose of the study was to assess the effects of the Traditional Mediterranean Diet (TMD) on patients diagnosed with Recurring Acute Otitis Media (RAOM). Methods: prospective pre-postest comparison study with 48 girls and 42 boys aged 1–5 years, each of whom had been and included on the 1-year programme "Learning to eat the Mediterranean Way", designed to encourage the adoption of the TMD. We studied clinical and therapeutic variables and various anthropometric parameters. Results: all the symptomatic indicators studied (number and intensity of episodes of otitis and emergency admissions) showed a positive and statistically significant evolution in RAOM. By the end of the study, none of the patients met the criteria for classification as RAOM, and 60% percent of patients did not present any further episodes of AOM. In line with the above, the use of anti-microbial drugs and symptomatic treatments reduced considerably; the use of antibiotics dropped from 4.30 occasions/patient/year, to 0.66 (p < 0.001), and the used of symptomatic treatments dropped from 7.63 to 2.75 (p < 0.001). The level of family satisfaction was very high. Conclusions: the adoption of the Traditional Mediterranean Diet has been demonstrated to significantly reduce occurrence of acute otitis media and may contribute to the treatment of patients diagnosed with recurrent acute otitis media.
doi:10.3390/sinusitis6020006 fatcat:gy4zenbwcbe65eq4bdezgw4hvy