Ti:sapphire laser intracavity difference-frequency generation of 30 mW cw radiation around 45μm

I. Galli, S. Bartalini, S. Borri, P. Cancio, G. Giusfredi, D. Mazzotti, P. De Natale
2010 Optics Letters  
A cw mid-IR coherent source based on difference-frequency generation is designed and characterized. For mid-IR generation, a periodically poled MgO:LiNbO 3 crystal is placed inside a compact Ti:sapphire laser cavity. This provides high-power pump radiation for the nonlinear process. Optical injection by an external-cavity diode laser ensures single-frequency operation of the Ti:sapphire laser, while signal radiation is provided by a fiber-amplified Nd:YAG laser. Mid-IR radiation can be
more » ... with 3850-4540 nm tuning range, narrow linewidth, Cs-standard traceability, and TEM 00 spatial mode. 30 mW power is obtained at 4510 nm.
doi:10.1364/ol.35.003616 pmid:21042368 fatcat:vxtawlowkvdhloqdity2hvsosa