Outcome of implanting penile prosthesis for treating erectile dysfunction: experience with 42 cases

Xu-Jun Xuan, Dao-Hu Wang, Peng Sun, Hua Mei
2007 Asian Journal of Andrology  
Aim: To report a short-time result of three-piece inflatable penile prosthesis (IPP) implantation on treating patients with organic erectile dysfunction (ED). Methods: Three-piece IPPs were implanted in 42 Chinese patients with ED refractory to systemic treatment between May 2002 and May 2004. The etiologies of ED were neurogenic (28 with paraplegia and seven with traumatic nervi-erigentes injury); congenital venous leakage (5 cases), fibrosis of corpus cavernosum (1case) and Klinefelter's
more » ... ome (1 case). The follow-up period ranged from 24 to 57 months. Results: Implantation procedures were successfully performed upon all 42 patients. The length of implanted prosthesis was from 13 cm to 18 cm, and the diameter was 1 cm. The implanted prosthesis was made by the Medical Instrumentation Company of Muping (Muping, Shandong, China). Localized infection occurred in only one patient and mechanical complications occurred in five patients. Coitus could be performed in 41 cases (97.6%). Three patients with congenital venous leakage made their spouses pregnant after implantation. Conclusion: Implantation of three-piece IPP is an effective and safe modality for treating patients with ED. It can be well accepted by Chinese patients because of its efficacy.
doi:10.1111/j.1745-7262.2007.00269.x pmid:17712492 fatcat:liztzeik3jevdfisxksfofg7i4