Computation of correlation matrices for tetraquark candidates with $J^P = 0^+$ and flavor structure $q_1 \bar{q_2} q_3 \bar{q}_3$

Joshua Berlin, Constantia Alexandrou, Abdou Abdel-Rehim, Mattia Dalla Brida, Mario Gravina, Marc Wagner
2016 Proceedings of The 33rd International Symposium on Lattice Field Theory — PoS(LATTICE 2015)   unpublished
The conjecture that several recently observed mesons have a structure, which is not dominated by an ordinary quark-antiquark pair, but by a four-quark structure, is being actively investigated both theoretical and experimentally. Such a state may be characterized as a mesonic molecule or as a diquark-antidiquark pair. Lattice QCD provides a theoretically sound framework to study such states. To quantitatively investigate the internal structure of such mesons, one needs to precisely compute
more » ... lation matrices containing several interpolating operators including two and four quarks. Here we discuss certain technical aspects of such correlation matrices suited to study tetraquark candidates with J P = 0 + and flavor structure q 1q2 q 3q3 , e.g. the a 0 (980) meson, the D * s0 meson and some of the charged cc X states. Some numerical results for the a 0 (980) meson are presented.
doi:10.22323/1.251.0096 fatcat:yc4acesne5fhhnetg5ji7wyxg4