Novel BCD Process Platform with Integrated Self-Extracted JTE Trench Technology for EL Drivers ICs

Wei Huang, Nanzhong Hu, Zongguang Yu, Haiou Li
2014 Journal of Nanomaterials  
A low cost silicon BCD technology in place of high cost SOI BCD technology for monolithic integrated EL driver ICs application is put forward. Several key technologies are presented. An advanced SEJTET termination technology was designed instead of the conventional PIOS isolation to obtain smaller chip area and protect HVICs from the occurrence ofdi/dteffect under PWM operation. Novel VDMOS/Resurf LDPMOS devices were developed compatibly to obtain the lowestRon,sp, improve silicon utilization, and simplify key process steps.
doi:10.1155/2014/203963 fatcat:nmp2noxlzfdjxpgj5wac3d5xk4