Study of Sensitive Parameters on the Sensor Performance of a Compression-Type Piezoelectric Accelerometer Based on the Meta-Model

Gyoung-Ja Lee, Won-Ju Hwang, Jin-Ju Park, Min-Ku Lee
2019 Energies  
Through a numerical analytical approach based on piezoelectric analysis and meta-modeling, this study investigated the effect of the component design of an accelerometer sensor on sensitivity and resonance frequency. The results of the study confirmed that the resonance frequency obtained from the piezoelectric analysis was almost the same as the experimental value of the resonance frequency obtained from the fabricated sensing module and proved the validity of the piezoelectric analysis using
more » ... finite element method. Moreover, the results of examining the influence of the component design on the resonance frequency and electrical potential suggested that the diameter and height of the head (seismic mass) had the greatest influence. As the diameter and height of the head increased, the sensitivity increased, but the resonance frequency decreased, which indicates that it is necessary to select an appropriate mass to optimize the sensor performance. In addition, the increase in tail height and epoxy thickness had a positive effect on both the resonance frequency and electric potential, and the base diameter had a negative effect on both of them.
doi:10.3390/en12071381 fatcat:qnlpx4rk7zdqtjpwrfx7ssdzce