A comparison of other world perceptions by near-death experiencers and by the Marian visionaries of Medjugorje

2000 Journal of Near-Death Studies  
Near-death research has identified another world that consists of two divisions: Cities of Light and a Realm of Bewildered Spirits. In 1981, the apparition of Mary, the mother of Jesus, appeared to six young people in the village of Medjugorje, Croatia. These young visionaries were shown Heaven, Purgatory, and Hell in visions that were like watching a movie. Two of the visionaries were also physically transported to see these realms. A comparison of their observations of the other world with
more » ... se of near-death experiencers (NDErs) shows a close similarity between them. The visionaries' observations provide some corroboration for the City of Light and Realm of the Bewildered Spirits elements of the NDE and suggest the possibility of a third division called Hell. Further study of frightening NDEs may reveal whether or not those NDErs who travel to a less than heavenly realm may be going to two separate places instead of one. In 1977, Raymond Moody, the founder of modern near-death studies, identified "cities of light" and "a realm of bewildered spirits" as less common elements of the near-death experience (NDE) that normally occur in near-death encounters of extreme duration. Moody found that his subjects described the City of Light as a "heavenly" realm (1977, p. 15). The Realm of Bewildered Spirits appeared to contain dulled beings who were trapped in an unfortunate state of existence (Moody, 1977, p. 18). I first used information from NDEs to describe in some detail the social system and the physical dimension of the City of Light in the Craig R.
doi:10.17514/jnds-2000-19-1-p45-52. fatcat:46gyqr7ysrbifco5q44hs3i4xi