Some aspects of the competitiveness of Turkish regions and their tourism industry the example of Ardahan

2017 Journal of Advances in Humanities and Social Sciences  
Competitiveness and its study is a global issue. Competitiveness can be therefore analyzed at the level of the world economy, but can be also described on a smaller scale, for instance on the lower parts of the global hierarchy, meaning the nation. So, as far as our topic is concerned, we can deal with role played by Turkey in the globalized market economy or the situation of given actors of a given sector of the Turkish national economy. In our present paper, we would like to concentrate on
more » ... interaction of space and economy. We are convinced that we can speak of the competitiveness of geographical units, such as regions and provinces, as well as of the competitiveness of the economic sector most utilizing them, the tourism industry. So, our goal is to show how interrelated these two phenomena are the competitiveness of regions and the competitiveness of the tourism industry, one of the key sectors of the Turkish national economy.
doi:10.20474/jahss-3.6.3 fatcat:c4hbtdo5urcmrkosa75z23ywby