Interactions between the EGF receptor and DPP pathways establish distinct cell fates in the tracheal placodes

P Wappner, L Gabay, B Z Shilo
1997 Development  
The formation of the tracheal network in Drosophila is driven by stereotyped migration of cells from the tracheal pits. No cell divisions take place during tracheal migration and the number of cells in each branch is fixed. This work examines the basis for the determination of tracheal branch fates, prior to the onset of migration. We show that the EGF receptor pathway is activated by localized processing of the ligand SPITZ in the tracheal placodes and is responsible for the capacity to form
more » ... e dorsal trunk and visceral branch. The DPP pathway, on the contrary, is induced in the tracheal pit by local presentation of DPP from the adjacent dorsal and ventral ectodermal cells. This pathway patterns the dorsal and lateral branches. Elimination of both pathways blocks migration of all tracheal branches. Antagonistic interactions between the two pathways are demonstrated. The opposing activities of two pathways may refine the final determination of tracheal branch fates.
pmid:9409686 fatcat:xtvtvw3lm5b5nefxr5ejy7t72y