Design and Analysis of Rescue Robot using Micro Controller and Zigbee Technology

2020 International Journal of Engineering and Advanced Technology  
Intelligent rescue systems with required information and robot technology have been predicted to alleviate disaster damages. According to an international survey report, a child is losing his/her life by getting fallen in a borehole which is left uncovered is increasing day by day. The main objective of this paper is to introduce a robot which is named as rescue robot which helps to rescue the life from the borehole safely and the various methods to process this implementation. There are many
more » ... thods available to rescue the child from borehole in which a human should get into the borehole through an alternate way or by impart the machineries which may cause damage to the child as well as to the land also. To avoid these major problems, this paper introduces a rescue robot which shows the child's condition inside the borehole lively by video camera as well as the methods to rescue the child from the borehole without causing any damage to the life or land. This robot is designed by using the major components such as Zigbee technology, servo motor, micro controller, video camera and laser.
doi:10.35940/ijeat.d7446.049420 fatcat:yzwakbdiwvb4pbrxltaxq6bk3y