Out-of-step oscillation splitting criterion based on bus voltage frequency

Fei TANG, Jian YANG, Qingfen LIAO, Yifei WANG, Jun JIA
2015 Journal of Modern Power Systems and Clean Energy  
Under the background of complicated interconnected network, the splitting criterion for accurately capturing the electrical center in real time is the prerequisite of power grid splitting. This paper studies the features of electric quantity in the electrical center in aspect of the instantaneous frequency, and proposes the out-of-step splitting criterion for power systems based on bus voltage frequency. Firstly, through the establishment and solution to the out-of-step model of the power grid,
more » ... the analytical expression of the voltage frequency at any position is obtained in the out-of-step oscillation, and the voltage frequency features of electrical center and non-electrical center are analyzed in details. Then, this paper constructs the typical scene of migration of electrical center to study the change rules of voltage frequency. Finally, the splitting criterion based on bus voltage frequency is proposed as well as the instruction for use. This criterion is easy to be realized and can adapt to the migration of electrical center. Also it is free from the limits of power network structure and operational mode. Simulation results of CEPRI-36 system and interconnected network example of one actual region verify the accuracy and the effectiveness of the proposed criterion.
doi:10.1007/s40565-015-0140-0 fatcat:tkkzfpt2ovdmtckzjmwq5srroy