Detection of U.S. Traffic Signs

Andreas Mogelmose, Dongran Liu, Mohan Manubhai Trivedi
2015 IEEE transactions on intelligent transportation systems (Print)  
This paper presents a comprehensive research study of the detection of US traffic signs. Until now, the research in Traffic Sign Recognition systems has been centered on European traffic signs, but signs can look very different across different parts of the world, and a system which works well in Europe may indeed not work in the US. We go over the recent advances in traffic sign detection and discuss the differences in signs across the world. Then we present a comprehensive extension to the
more » ... licly available LISA-TS traffic sign dataset, almost doubling its size, now with HD-quality footage. The extension is made with testing of tracking sign detection systems in mind, providing videos of traffic sign passes. We apply the Integral Channel Features and Aggregate Channel Features detection methods to US traffic signs and show performance numbers outperforming all previous research on US signs (while also performing similarly to the state of the art on European signs). Integral Channel Features have previously been used successfully for European signs, while Aggregate Channel Features have never been applied to the field of traffic signs. We take a look at the performance differences between the two methods and analyze how they perform on very distinctive signs, as well as white, rectangular signs, which tend to blend into their environment.
doi:10.1109/tits.2015.2433019 fatcat:5e37msoczfbp3c266iuuskmey4