Predator-Prey Models on Interaction between Computer Worms, Trojan Horse and Antivirus Software Inside a Computer System

Munna Kumar, Bimal Kumar Mishra, T. C. Panda
2016 International Journal of Security and Its Applications  
In this paper an attempt has been made to develop Predator-prey Models on interaction between Computer worms, Trojan horse and antivirus software inside a computer system. Five mathematical models are proposed to study the Predator-prey system inside a computer system. In mathematical model 1, the prey consists of uninfected files, whereas, the predator consists of computer worms. In mathematical model 2, the infected files constitute the prey and anti-virus software is the predator. In
more » ... ical model 3, Effect of new or updated antivirus software on such computer worms which are quarantine or not completely recovered by the lower version of installed antivirus software in the system is studied which switches the rate of infection to zero. In mathematical model 4, Reactivation of computer worms when they are in the latent class is mathematically formulated. In mathematical model 5, we have attempt to develop and understand the recent attack of the Trojan horse Backdoor. Kihomchi and Trojan.Zbot!gen74 and its removal by newly available tool NPE.exe. The stability of the result is stated in terms of the Jacobian of the system and the basic reproduction number is also well defined for all models. Numerical methods and MATLAB are employed to solve and simulate the system of equations developed and analysis of the models gives remarkable exposure.
doi:10.14257/ijsia.2016.10.1.17 fatcat:ztxftg3svjddxp7u7zib7zsalu