Türkiye'de Otellerin Çevrimiçi Pazarlamasında Kullanılan Bulut Tabanlı Güncel Yazılım Hizmetleri

2021 Journal of Yasar University  
Hotels need new technologies in order to spread their knowledge and establish superiority over their competitors by creating strategies in a fast, efficient, and secure manner in complex processes. Cloud-based software services are one of the major areas where these technologies are applied. Thanks to cloud-based software, the way hotels do their business has been significantly affected, and this effect continues to grow. The aim of this research is to identify the current cloud-based software
more » ... oud-based software services offered to hotel businesses in marketing activities and to contribute to the literature on this subject. Within the framework of the Quality Management Awards, which are held annually in the tourism sector in Turkiye, the companies that received awards in 2019 and provide cloud software services to hotels in online marketing were selected as research samples and content analysis was carried out on the websites of these companies. Based on the context of content analysis, it is found out that the cloud-based services offered to hotels in the field of online marketing are provided with nineteen service sizes in five different categories in terms of purpose and scope. Information about the types of services related to the detected categories are provided in the findings section of the research.
doi:10.19168/jyasar.801080 fatcat:gzkfukk47nazxn2zwaua73mip4