The Illusory Currents of Classical Electromagnetism

G. B. Walker
2007 Physics essays  
The Maxwell "displacement current" and the Lorentz "magnetization current" are important in the history of classical electromagnetism, but neither is a current. The popular belief that the former acts as a current is unfortunate since it hides the fact that there is a dual to the Faraday law, namely that a time-varying electric field is accompanied by a magnetic field. The recognition of this as a fundamental law of nature provides a solid foundation for Maxwell's electromagnetic equations.
more » ... rding to Lorentz, the magnetization current is an average of the motions of electric charges in the atoms of a magnetized material. It is shown here that he was mistaken and that the error has gone undetected for over a century. As a result, the deduction that B and not H is the fundamental magnetic field vector is not substantiated.
doi:10.4006/1.3153417 fatcat:sfu2atzwajhutopyanozlf56le