Evaluation of Adequacy Fishery Port Infrastructure (Case Study on Fishery Port Mimbo Situbondo)

Noor Salim
2014 IOSR Journal of Mechanical and Civil Engineering  
Fishery Port City Beach is located in the district of Situbondo Banyu Putih which is approximately 50 km from the city center. Exact location of the fishery port in the district directly adjacent to the Banyu PutihBanyuwangi industrial plant which contained fish canning factory in the district Muncar.In development ,thisport functions not only as a fishery port but also, as the crossing place to theSepudi island which is included of Madura district. Different from the original plan,
more » ... on within the port has changed. Reserved parking area no longer function optimally. So that needs to be addressed and the need for further study are: to analyze the adequacy of the pier and parking lot, and to evaluate the adequacy of the road in the hinterland. From the results, we get few things: The need for the loading dock and mooring for a boat the size of the existing less or more than 10 GT still be fulfilled properly. Unloading dock for ship size is less or more than 10 GT still be met but overload jetty mooring for vessels up to 254% for vessel with size of more than 10 GT and 128% for vessels less than 10 GT size. By changing the way the mooring of vessels dilated / transverse require less space, so the ship mooring space requirements can be fulfilled until 2016. The adequacy of existing parking space is available for cars and trucks only and can provide for parking requirement. The number of vehicles entering the port increased so that parking spaces be overloaded so it is need to provide parking spaces for motorcycles and pick-up. By utilizing the tip of the breakwater area for motorcycle parking space (688 m 2 ) with a pattern of two sides and the base of the breakwater area for car parking (650m 2 ) with a pattern of one side and a parking area that has been available previously for the truck and pick-up, parking space requirements can be fulfilled. Adequacy Road at Hinterland area with increasing number of vehicles in 2016, so the level of service drops to C but still decent. By widening the ring road towards Situbondo according to standard (7 m), it can be an alternative for heavy vehicles which go to Situbondo.
doi:10.9790/1684-11623646 fatcat:vow4c7wanbc5xlmndcvrdy6sb4