Hydrology-meteorology field of study-chances for life. Geographical teaching has a long tradition in Cluj-Napoca. There are many fields of study at the Faculty of Geography from Cluj-Napoca, which has separated from a larger faculty in 1994, such is Hydrology-Meteorology. It first appeared in 2006, and already has five generations of students. The enquiry made at eight institutions between 1972 and 2013 shows that students' penetration inside meteorological and hydrological institutions was a
more » ... nstitutions was a good one. A big part of these students come from the Geography field of study, which has a long tradition, and from the new field-Hydro-Meteorology. It can be observed a pronounced increase of employment since 1999. The biggest chances in obtaining a job in this field appear three years after the graduation. Many specialists finished their Geography studies after obtaining the job. Most of our students work as hydrologist or meteorologist, but also in other jobs, a great number belonging to those working in leadership positions. From this enquiry it can be observed that the field of Hydrology-Meteorology was an appropriate one, succeeding to fulfil its purpose.