A comparative study on performance of MPICH, LAM/MPI and PVM on a Linux cluster over Fast Ethernet

Nguyễn Hải Châu
2012 Journal of Computer Science and Cybernetics  
Cluster computing provides a distributed memory model to users and therefore requires message-passingprotocols to exchange data. Among message-passing protocols (such as MPI, PVM, ESP), MPI (MessagePassing Interface) and PVM (Parallel Virtual Machine) are adopted as most popular protocols for distributed memory computing model. In this paper, we give a practical comparative study on the performance of MPICH 1.2.1, LAM/MPI6.3.2 and PVM 3.4.2 implementations of the MPI and PVM protocols, on a
more » ... x cluster over our Fast Ethernet network. We also compare some parallel applications' performance runging over the three environments. T6m tJ{t. Cum may tinh cung dLp cho ngiro-isd' dung m9t moi tru-o-ngtinh toan theo kie'u b9 nh& ph an tan, do do c'an co cac giao thirc chuye'n thong di~p M trao do'i dir li~u. Trong s5 cac giao thirc chuye'n thong di~p (vi du MPI, PVM, ESP), MPI va PVM 111,cac giao thtrc dtro'c su: dung nhieu nhfit. Trong bai nay, chung toi dira ra Slr so sanh hieu nang ctia cac phan mern cai d~t cac giao tlnrc MPI va PVM: MPICH 1.2.1, LAM/MPI 6.3.2 va PVM 3.4.2 tren cum may tinh Linux dtro'c Ht n5i qua mang Fast Ethernet.
doi:10.15625/1813-9663/17/3/2623 fatcat:u2lzay3xkbcx7gwjj7ypivv26u