Yu. A. Krasnitsky
2016 Naučnyj Vestnik MGTU GA  
Taking into account the easy excitation, oscillation of electric type are of main practical interest, when there is only one component of electric field, namely the one oriented perpendicularly to the top and bottom walls of cavity which does not experience variations along the axis. The frequency spectrum of the oscillation of the magnetron with a nominal frequency of 2.45 GHz, used in domestic microwave ovens is shown. It is evident that a certain fraction of the energy is released in the
more » ... of the frequency spectrum and can be a source of excitation of the corresponding vibration of higher orders. For a quantitative descriptions of the heat distribution in the warming volume statistical criteria are used, in particular, the standard deviation of the power dissipation value, normalized to the average value. The solution of the problem of the field in the radial sectorial resonator with perfectly conducting walls is obtained. Some of its applications are considered. The analysis of the possibility of using sectorial resonators in microwave devices division / capacity addition is carried out. A possible variant of wave superimposition device for microwave heating, using the union of four sectorial cavities with an angle of 900 is proposed.
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