Management Dakwah Mosque in Eradicate Use Drugs Problem in Adolescent

Abdul Aziz
2016 International Conference of Moslem Society  
The mosque is a building or an environment surrounded by a fence, especially built for the worship of God Almighty and most commendable. The mosque will function and will be very meaningful if there is proper management and good. Mainly using management science, and one of them is religious propaganda management. It is one of the Islamization of education all because it is a kenyatan that education and development as a process of intensive, to make someone to be able to optimize the physical
more » ... non physical aspects. Purpose writing this is to describe the management of the mosque and its application to ensure that drug abuse does not occur in the younger generation. Today, this problem becomes a reality in cities and villages almost become a culture, as we all know that genersi youth as part of the religion, country and product of the nation if it was not in physical condition is good and fit will take them on social action, crime such as theft, drug abuse. One solution is the mosque's activities. Based on these problems, the authors really want to know the role of propaganda bagimana done to address the drug problem in the younger generation. Writing is supported by literature and field research. And the authors get the data through observation, interviews and documentation. Then analyze the data from a reduction, to see the data and conclusions. While the subject of research is the mosque of Abu Bakr As-Sidiqdesa Grujugan Kemranjen districts Banyumas in Central Java province of Indonesia. Based on the results there are: (1) Masjid Abu Bakar As-Sidiq using good management on the physical plane and function. (2) Management of religious proselytizing by DKM and Ikrima to ensure to prevent drug abuse in rural districts Grujugan Kemranjen Banyumas regency, Central Java Province using religious activities such as youth activities in the field of sports, the call of young people or youth build character.
doi:10.24090/icms.2016.2415 fatcat:nfmgxzvc55dkxham4ys2l6diqu