A fuzzy logic controller for flight control Through a Weighted Function

A. Bidar Yamchi
2013 Communications on Advanced Computational Science with Applications  
Fuzzy systems have gained more and more attention from researchers and practitioners of various fields. In such systems, the output represented by a fuzzy set sometimes needs to be transformed into a scalar value, and this task is known as the defuzzification process. In this study, we suggest a new approach to the problem of defuzzification using the parametric metric between two fuzzy numbers. Some preliminary results on properties of such defuzzification are to be reported. Therefore, by the
more » ... means of this difuzzification, this article aims to use the concept of parametric symmetric triangular fuzzy number, and introduces a new approach to defuzzify a fuzzy quantity. The basic idea of the new method is to obtain the nearest parametric symmetric triangular fuzzy number which a fuzzy quantity is related to.
doi:10.5899/2013/cacsa-00012 fatcat:axs24df2jveorgdhmzhsj5qopu