J. Alston Moffat
1885 Canadian Entomologist  
Being on a visit to Ridgeway in July, 1882, when out one day with Mr. Kilman on a hunt, as I beat a high branch for beetles, a large moth new to me dropped into my umbrella. Having secured it in my poison bottle and remarked that I must now find its mate, another stroke, and sure enough, I got it. I took a third at that time sitting on the trunk of a tree, which I left with Mr. Kilman. The following season he took one or two, and last spring he found some cdhrysalids under moss, from which he
more » ... ss, from which he raised a pair. On visiting Prof. Kellicott, of Buffalo, Mr. Kilman left with him an example, that he might obtain its name. Mr. Kilman now writes to me that Prof. Kellicott has identified it as theApatelodes angelicaof Grote's Check List, withhyalinopunctataPack as a synonym, which latter name would have been more appropriate. Prof. Kellicott conveys the information that it is described and figured in the Proc. of the Ent. Soc. of Phil., iii., 322, plate iv., fig. 1. It is quite a fine moth.
doi:10.4039/ent1734-2 fatcat:ogaid3mt3fcunk7twulr4njffa