Controlling And Monitoring Of Automation Water Supply System Based On Iot With Theft Identification

Ahmad T. Jaiad, Hamzah Sabr Ghayyib
2017 Zenodo  
Water is the most precious and valuable because it's a basic need of all the human beings but, now a day water supply department are facing problem in real time operation this is because less amount of water in resources due to less rain fall. With increase in Population, urban residential areas have increased because of this reasons water has become a crucial problem which affects the problem of water distribution, interrupted water supply, water conservation, water consumption and also the
more » ... er quality so, to overcome water supply related problems and make system efficient there is need of proper monitoring and controlling system. In this project, we are focusing on continuous and real time monitoring of water supply in IOT platform. Water supply with continuous monitoring makes a proper distribution so that, we can have a record of available amount of water in tanks, flow rate, abnormality in distribution line. Internet of things is nothing but the network of physical objects embedded with electronics, sensors, software, and network connectivity. Monitoring can be done from anywhere as central office. Using Adafruit as free sever data continuously pushed on cloud so we can see data in real time operation. Using different sensors with controller and raspberry pi as Mini computer can monitor data and also control operation from cloud with efficient client server communication.
doi:10.5281/zenodo.802338 fatcat:ddvvmiv4qva2hmgombvyvknwgq