Tracer dynamics in a single-file system with absorbing boundary

Artem Ryabov, Petr Chvosta
2014 Physical Review E  
The paper addresses the single-file diffusion in the presence of an absorbing boundary. The emphasis is on an interplay between the hard-core interparticle interaction and the absorption process. The resulting dynamics exhibits several qualitatively new features. First, starting with the exact probability density function for a given particle (a tracer), we study the long-time asymptotics of its moments. Both the mean position and the mean square displacement are controlled by dynamical
more » ... s which depend on the initial order of the particle in the file. Secondly, conditioning on non-absorption, we study the distribution of long-living particles. In the conditioned framework, the dynamical exponents are the same for all particles, however, a given particle possesses an effective diffusion coefficient which depends on its initial order. After performing the thermodynamic limit, the conditioned dynamics of the tracer is subdiffusive, the generalized diffusion coefficient D_1/2 being different from that reported for the system without absorbing boundary.
doi:10.1103/physreve.89.022132 pmid:25353447 fatcat:yxntfey6hffrnptqp3u532qlta