Dispersion Management in 10-PW Laser Front End

Xingyan Liu, Cheng Wang, Xinliang Wang, Xiaoming Lu, Peile Bai, Yanqi Liu, Yanyan Li, Keyang Liu, Lianghong Yu, Yuxin Leng, Ruxin Li
2020 Optics  
To improve pulse contrast in chirped pulse amplification petawatt laser systems, the regenerative amplifier is substituted with a multipass amplifier at the Shanghai Superintense Ultrafast Laser Facility (SULF). To reduce the consequent angular dispersion of the broadband spectrum, a double-grating stretcher is established in the SULF front end. A grating compressor is set up for the 10-PW front end to obtain 20-TW output. An accurate adjustment method of grating attitude (angular position) is
more » ... resented, which references the direction of gravity, improving dispersion management and focusing ability of the beam. After a pulse passes the front end compressor, its duration and phase in the frequency domain are measured, and the duration can be continuously compressed to <24 fs.
doi:10.3390/opt1020015 fatcat:tf65sbf4ozb6zhgycghom4j2jq