The Effect of Binary Interactions in Infrared Passbands

F. Zhang, L. Li, Z. Han
2008 Proceedings of the International Astronomical Union  
AbstractWe present the integrated J, H, K, L, M and N magnitudes and the colours involving infrared bands, for an extensive set of instantaneous-burst binary stellar populations (BSPs) by using evolutionary population synthesis (EPS). By comparing the results for BSPs WITH and WITHOUT binary interactions we show that the inclusion of binary interactions makes the magnitudes of populations larger (fainter) and the integrated colours smaller (bluer) for τ ≥ 1 Gyr. Also, we compare our model
more » ... udes and colours with those of Bruzual & Charlot (2003, hereafter BC03) and Maraston (2005, hereafter M05). At last, we compare these model broad colours with Magellanic Clouds globular clusters (GCs) and Milky Way GCs. In (V − R)−[Fe/H] and (V − I)−[Fe/H] diagrams it seems that our models match the observations better than those of BC03 and M05.
doi:10.1017/s1743921308023442 fatcat:om2pdtbhibggzhekh5oghg5ixi