The Impact of Targeted Memory Reactivation on Memory Consolidation: A Review

翔 邓
2018 Advances in Psychology  
Targeted memory reactivation is a fairly important technique that has the potential to influence the course of memory formation through application of cues during imperceptible states. In general, cueing memory at the slow-wave-sleep stage can promote the consolidation of procedural and declarative memory. However, the effect of cueing memory during wake and the rapid eye move sleep has no unified. Studies have shown that TMR is associated with sleep parameters and accompanied by activation of
more » ... emory related brain areas, such as Hippocampus, thalamus and the prefrontal cortex. Olfactory stimulus and auditory stimulus are adapted to TMR, which is influenced by the way the stimulus represent and the relationship of cuing materials and memory. The goal of the future study is to clear the neural mechanism of TMR and to explore safer and more effective ways of adjusting memory representations to better suit individual needs, as well as its potential applications in improving the abilities of study, creativity and problem solving.
doi:10.12677/ap.2018.82025 fatcat:sblnhfiz6nfhrphhkpe7att26m