Protrusion Guided 3D Mesh Segmentation

Chen Hung-Kuang, Chen Yung-Cheng
2013 Proceedings of 3rd International Conference on Multimedia Technology(ICMT-13)   unpublished
Mesh segmentation, as a crucial step in model analysis and understanding, is vital to the success of the applications, e.g., the 3D reverse engineering and modeling by example. A number of recent works suggested segmenting 3D meshes on the basis of the cognitive psychology concept of "part salience", which comprises three dominant factors: the protrusion degree , boundary strength, and relative size of the parts of the inspected object. In previous works, the estimation of salient feature such
more » ... s protrusion degree is computation intensive. In this paper, we proposed a simpler measure of the protrusion degree based on the definition of 2D shape protrusion. With our new approach, the significant features can be successfully identified and extracted.
doi:10.2991/icmt-13.2013.171 fatcat:6cwai3rb2vchnmh32oy4fgc6gu