Flow Analysis over an Airplane with Swept and Unswept Wings

Satyanarayana Gupta, Hod, Munigala Srikanth, M Tech
Aircrafts wings may be swept back, or occasionally forward, for a variety of reasons. A small degree of sweep is sometimes used to adjust the center of lift when the wing cannot be attached in the ideal position for some reason, such as a pilot's visibility from the cockpit. The shock wave boundary of a supersonic aircraft is stretched across the nose and wing leading edge to the aircraft. The swept wings allows all parts of the aircraft that create lift to remain in sonic flow, thereby
more » ... designers to create one airfoil that allows for both high and low speed handling qualities. Sweeping the wing can change the critical mach for a given airspeed. The chord length allows the designers to move the center of pressure thereby changing the point at which supersonic flow starts. The project deals with the design of an airplane swept and unswept wing configurations. Once the design process is completed the flow over the two configurations is simulated using ANSYS FLUENT Software and further the results (pressure distribution and shear stress distribution) from both the configurations are noted for comparison.