Irada Jafarova
2021 InterConf  
Human beings are the creators and the users of the language. Therefore, people-oriented study on linguistics should be vital as the studies from the perspective of symbol. But the most significant difference between human beings is the gender difference, so people of different genders from either physiology or psychology in the use of language will have their own gender characteristics that leads to the gender differences in language. Language gender difference has always been complex. It
more » ... s the popular subject of linguistics and sociolinguistics. Gender differences in language are regarded as a linguistic phenomenon as well as being a social phenomenon. It is known that the use of gender in a different way from language has become a new field of research for linguistics since the second half of the twentieth century. With the advent of feminist linguistics in the 1960s and 1970s, gender studies became more widespread. In the development of certain features of the "language" of men and women J. Gremel-Plestini, L. Pushuni, E. Groshko, A. Nielseni, R. Lakoff, R. Vardaufu, and others can be shown as scientists in world linguistics. The linguists from different countries have made a lot of profound significant exploration to explain the cause of gender difference in sociolinguistics. The gender difference can differentiate for society, culture, customs and other considerations of language users. Gender differences widens our research horizon, deepens our cognition of the universal law of language; at the same time, it helps us to better explain the factors in the internal change of language development.
doi:10.51582/interconf.21-22.10.2021.015 fatcat:fhf2camgozge3ih3ffss7svel4